Saturday, September 30, 2023
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ITZY : LIA unveils her photos.

Group ITZY posts photos of LIA.

itzy Lia 1

    JYP Entertainment publishes on ITZY SNS LIA’s photo teasers. Group ITZY  is the new girl group of JYP Entertainment composed of 5 members YEZI 예지, LIA 리아, RYUJIN 류진, CHAERYEONG 채령 and YUNA 유나.

itzy lia 2

   On the unveiled photos, as YEJI yesterday, the young woman uses blue and pink tones with 2 different poses. One rather wise and feminine and the second woman and confident. ITZY have announced the color of strong women with a powerful concept.

     ITZY are the 4th female group of JYP Entertainment after WONDER GIRLS, MISS A and TWICE. All his bands have a great success. It seems good for ITZY who are already talking about them all over the country.

     Their debuts are approaching so stay tuned


Journalist : Shawn
Source : SNS ITZY

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