HOTPLACE : Dynamic debuts like “cheerleader”.

Le groupe HOTPLACE fait ses débuts aujourd’hui.

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      It is in the district of Dongdaemun that the 4 girls of the group HOT PLACE present themselves to the press for their official debut.

     The group is composed of 4 young girls SIHYUN, JEJE, HANBIT and TAE RI (maknae). Their first steps on stage are done with a concept of “cheerleader”, a warm and catchy choreography with a rhythm that stays in the lead.

     During their presentation the girls unveiled two titles. The main song called “TMI” and the track “Kill you“.

     Girls are no strangers to the arts, JEJE has been part of the band BADKIZ and SIHYUN has already made appearances in various dramas and other films. When at HANBIT she was really cheerleader on basketball and baseball games.

   The title “TMI” is a catchy song mixing the style of the 90s with a touch of modern kpop. HOTPLACE declared that they chose this title for its enthusiasm and to allow a small return of the retro so that the younger generations discovered it.

At the showcase JEJE speaks:

I take a new start with this new team. This time, I want to realize my dream. “


“I wanted to sing and dance on stage since I was very young, for now it was not accessible, so I started as a cheerleader, but now I’m touching it, I’m going on stage and singing my song, I want to do it as long as possible. “

TAE RI made the audience smile by revealing his ambition:

“I don’t want to stop and be left behind by my” Eonni “, so I will work for that.”

    HOTPLACE plan to use all their possibilities and show you the extent of their abilities. The name of the group goes in this direction, inviting you to join them and follow them to discover their full artistic potential.

     Their first title will be available on March 29 at all music venues.

Journalist : Shawn
Source : Mydaily

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