OH MY GIRL : The schedule of their comeback.

      Group OH MY GIRL unveils the schedule of their comeback to the fairy concept.


     OH MY GIRL have released the comeback’s schedule of their first album “THE FIFTH SEASON” on the official SNS of its agency WM Entertainment, at midnight today.

A natural and fresh image called “The Guide to the Fifth Season“. At the bottom, you will find many promotional dates daily, which will reveal photos, the tracklist, important points on the album, video teasers, which makes emerge a lot of questions on this comeback.

This album will be the first full album since their debut, fueling expectations.

OH MY GIRL have already unveiled a first teaser photos, transforming girls into elegant ballerinas on an oil painting. When you access the QR code next to the photo frame, an “audio guide” consisting of the voice of HYOJUNG and ARIN comes out, creating a different atmosphere.

OH MY GIRL‘s first album, “THE FIFTH SEASON“, will be released on various music venues at 6 pm KST on May 8th.

Journalist : Shawn
Source : WM Entertainment

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