SPECTRUM : Colorful and refreshing.

      SPECTRUM unveiled a new teaser.

      WYNN Entertainment has released a video teaser for “After Party“, the title track of SPECTRUM‘s third mini-album, “REFRESHING TIME“, on its official website and SNS today at midnight.

     In the teaser SPECTRUM play turns, look mischievous, on colored backgrounds. Members captivated fans with their playful visuals.

     “After party“, is a catchy song, with a refreshing rhythm. Members capture the eyes of fans with fun choreography. The expectations of these for the new song are therefore amplified.

     The third album “REFRESHING TIME“, which presents a different aspect of SPECTRUM, will be available at 6pm KST on April 29th. SPECTRUM will also hold a fan showcase at 8 pm the same day.

Journalist : Shawn
Source : WYNN Entertainment

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