MYTEEN – CHUNJIN : “I give up my dream of being a singer”.

      CHUN JIN, a former member of the group MYTEEN (Kim Sang-jin, his real name), expressed his feelings on the end of the group, for the first time, after two years.

Myteen Chunjin1

      On August 26th, CHUN JIN commented on his SNS stating, “I’m sorry to speak only now and have caused concern for the fans.

I remember the moments I lived and will do my best in the future, I regret not being able to spend more time with you, it’s sad to think that this is the last time my dream of being a singer comes to an end The sudden news of the dismantling darkened my eyes I could not believe it, so I denied the reality, I thought, it’s a nightmare, because I did not want believe it, but that was not the case.

He added, “I thought a lot about how to live the future, I felt so sad that I could not realize my dream of becoming a singer, I thought I would try again, but I did not could not be brave with myself, I was so hateful and pathetic for me, like that.

After a long period of reflection, I decided to give up my dream of becoming a singer“,


     Now, as a man named KIM SANG JIN, I will walk the path of my life, “I will keep the “You’th” in my mind for the rest of my life. I love you, “he said.

MYTEEN, consisting of EUN SU, SONG YU VIN, JUN SEOP, HANSEUL, KOOK HEON, CHUN JIN and previously LEE TAEVIN, disbanded after two years on August 21st. MYTEEN, which debuted in July 2017 with its first mini-album “MYTEEN Go!,” Drew attention to its debut as a band owned by SONG YUVIN, a former member of Mnet’s “Superstar K”, nicknamed the favorite of singer Baek Ji-young.

Journalist : Shawn
Translator : Shawn

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