Tuesday, October 3, 2023
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WE IN THE ZONE : A very special gift to their fans.

Boy band WE IN THE ZONE has prepared a very special gift for their fans.


Today in the course of the morning, the new boy band WE IN THE ZONE will reveal a surprise digital single called «WISH LIST». The song will be available on every streaming website.

Today, WE IN THE ZONE celebrates its 100th day since debuting. The members wanted to thank their fans by gifting them with this special song. Moreover, the participation of the members JOOAN, ESON and SHI HYUN in writing and producing this surprise single makes it even more meaningful.

Member MIN also participated in the creation of this special gift as he collaborated on designing the single jacket by drawing the members personally.

Members ESON, JOOAN, KYUNG HEON, MIN, and SHI HYUN had debuted last May with their single «LET’S GET LOUD» and had been receiving lots of love and support from the public which explains why they were eager to thank their fans through this new single.

The band expects to melt its fans’ heart with this surprise song called «WISH LIST».

Journalist: Plum
Translator: Plum
Source : CHOON Entertainment

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