Wednesday, December 6, 2023
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RAIN x SOYOU: Their collaboration for PEPSI.

The song entitled «시작할까, 나» (literally «Should I start») that brings singers RAIN and SOYOU together has just been released.

Cover of the single ‘Beginning’.

The 2019 PEPSI KPOP COLLABORATION PROJECT has brought together the two artists for a special collaboration on a song entitled «THE LOVE OF AUTUMN: Beginning», the latter has just been released on every music platforms.

This brand new song brings together two great artists of pop who seem to have created a real masterpiece. Indeed, the professionalism of the charming RAIN and the sweet SOYOU have largely contributed to the song’s perfection.

On the production side, the lyrics were partly written by the songwriter Mr.Black who has been helped by the music composers and producers LAUNCH, RMRS (러머, REX) and AHN SONG HYUN. The five specialists have combined their expertise to give birth to a faultless and excellent song.

The 2019 PEPSI KPOP COLLABORATION PROJECT is a project on which the famous brand of soda called PEPSI collaborates with the STARSHIP ENTERTAINMENT agency. Many of the STARSHIP artists have already contributed to the project by releasing several songs. This year’s motto is «FOR THE LOVE OF IT» and the ambition hidden behind this sentence is to encourage those who feel trapped into a routine to escape from it and do what they really wish to do.

The new song «THE LOVE OF AUTUMN: Beginning» comes together with a music video in which the actor JO SEUNG HYUN appears as the main character. You may have seen him on the famous TV show «My love who came from the stars». He also appeared in the drama called «Wind Miracle» and in the web drama «Dating class». The actress that acts by his sides in this new music video is named SEO JI HYE. She had a role in the drama «My ID is Gangnam Beauty» but she also appeared in the TV show «Heart Signal». Singer JO HANGYUL and drummer LEE SI YONG from the Korean TV show SUPERBAND are also part of the cast.

The international star RAIN who excels in both singing and acting as well as the queen of featuring SOYOU, are both expected to offer a warm early fall season to their fans through this new song.

Journalist: Plum
Translator: Plum
Source: STARSHIP Entertainment

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