SEVENTEEN: Their new album knows a great success.

The band SEVENTEEN has just released its third album called «An Ode». Fans from all around the world are showing excitement.


It is after a year and ten months that the band SEVENTEEN comes back with a new full-length album. After having waited for this long, fans from all around the world seem to be very excited, to say the least, by the boys’ comeback. Also, the news is everywhere on American and British media for they talk about it in the Billboard magazine, on MTV and in NME (a digital British magazine). Moreover, the album has been on top of the iTunes charts in the K-POP category of twenty-four countries from all around the world.

In the famous Billboard magazine, SEVENTEEN‘s new album «An Ode» as well as the song «독: Fear» had a whole section dedicated to a very detailed description of the latters.

The American television channel MTV has declared «The band SEVENTEEN is a real hitmaker». Also, the media talked about the song «독: Fear» as an «addictive song from the very first notes of music». Lastly, the music video of the previously mentioned song was described as a movie like masterpiece.

In Europe, British fans were made aware of the album’s release through the digital magazine NME (New Musical Express) that announced: «SEVENTEEN‘s third album has finally been released». After a great description of the album itself, the journalists talked about the band’s global popularity and their upcoming international tour.

As mentioned earlier, SEVENTEEN has not only taken over American and British media but they have also taken over the iTunes charts. On the one hand, the United-States, Canada, Indonesia, and Vietnam are part of the twenty-four countries in which the album has risen to the top of the K-POP chart. On the other hand, England, France, and Singapore are part of the thirteen countries in which the band as made it to general charts.

Journalist: Plum
Translator: Plum
Source : Pledis Entertainment

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