HENRY : A busking in front of more than 500 people.

     Le chanteur HENRY est venu à la rencontre de ses fans.

     Yesterday, October 9th, the day of the celebration of “Hangeul (Korean alphabet)”, singer HENRY went to the banks of the Han River in Seoul. Right next to the Bampo Bridge, HENRY took the time to chat and sing for his fans.

      The fans present took the opportunity to wish him a happy birthday a few days in advance. HENRY decided when to offer them several small gifts, which, after reflection, were distributed at the end of the busking.

    In our video you will discover the talents of the artist HENRY who sings his songs live and also his human and natural side, surprised by a young man who came to bring him a present.

Journalist : Shawn
Tranlator : Shawn

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