YOON HYUNG BIN: He makes people laugh on KBS2.

Comedian YOON HYUNG BIN has entertained GAG CONCERT‘s audience with a skit entitled «Fake news».

Fake News

It is with comedians KIM TAE WON, KIM WON HUN, KIM DU HYUN, PARK DAE SUNG, JO JIN SE and ALPHA GO that famous YOON HYUNG BIN made GAG CONCERT’s public laugh last night on KBS2.

YOON HYUNG BIN opened the skit as the announcer of a news program. He introduced the public to a character played by comedian JO JIN SE who supposedly lived in harmony with birds for about fifty years. YOON HYUNG BIN first asked him how he could possibly communicate with birds and then informed him he had a bird on his elbow which surprised and even scared JO JIN SE who were not aware of the presence of the bird.

After witnessing JO JIN SE suspicious behavior, YOON HYUNG BIN tried his best to discover the truth. At the end of the conversation, JO JIN SE who had priorly declared he did not eat chicken anymore due to his love for birds, admitted that he sometimes ate eggs and dalk bal (literally chicken foot).

Later on, YOON HYUNG BIN introduced the second guest as «more Korean than anyone else». This character is played by comedian ALPHA GO who brags about his origins. He says he is the 37th generation of the Jeonju AL family. He also talks about a poem he wrote called «I miss my house» and when YOON HYUNG BIN asked why he chose this title, ALPHA GO explained it is because he never goes home from work at the time he is supposed to.

Lastly, comedian KIM TAE WON entered the stage with sign in his hands and on which many circles are drawn. He asks the public «Can you something that looks like a line on the drawing?». Excited YOON HYUNG BIN said, «There really is something that looks like a line». KIM TAE WON simply replied, «It is because there is a line».

TV show GAG CONCERT is aired every Sunday on KBS2.

Journalist: Plum
Translator: Plum
Source: KBS2 Gag concert

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