HWANG CHI YEOL : The tickets of his concert on sale.

     Singer HWANG CHI YEOL to give his first national tour concert.

hwang chi yeol

     The concert of the 2019-2020 national tour of HWANG CHI YEOL, “Bon Voyage: 시간 여행자”, is scheduled to take place in Jeju, an island of peace and harmony.

Fans react positively to the HWANG CHI YEOL national tour concert, which is appreciated by them for his attractive and broken voice. HWANG CHI YEOL will present a list of varied titles, ranging from ballads to more rhythmic songs, as it is the first concert of this national tour.

Singer HWANG CHI YEOL has become a global star with many fans in Korea and abroad. He has been recognized for his talent in such musical entertainment programs as KBS2 TV’s “Immortal Song: Singing the Legend”, Mnet’s “The Call” and “Singer” Season 4 aired in China in 2016.

Tickets for the HWANG CHI YEOL 2019-2020 National Tour Concert, “Bon Voyage: 시간 여행자”, scheduled for December 21st-22nd at Jeju International Convention Center’s Tamra Hall will be available from 8 pm KST on the 17th October.

Journalist : Shawn
Translator : Shawn

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