MASK SINGER : The first in France.

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First broadcast in France today.

king of masked singer 1

The famous Korean show KING OF MASKED SINGER (복면가 왕) will unveil its first episode, on the first French channel tonight at 9pm.

KING OF MASKED SINGER is a program that airs on the MBC channel in South Korea. This one is a huge success and is eagerly awaited every week.

The concept of the show is to disguise artists so that their faces are hidden from the public and viewers. These will compete in the form of a vocal “battle” to determine who achieves the best performance. The loser of each stage will reveal his face.

The show has already been re-adapted in the USA on the Fox channel. Tonight, France is attacking this show. Appointment on TF1 to give us your opinion.

Journalist : Shawn
Translator : Shawn
Source : TF1

This post is also available in: Français (French)

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