M.O.N.T: Their international tour is still on track.

Boy band M.O.N.T has just wrapped its South American tour.


The tour, entitled ATTENTION KOREA, had started on the 1st of November in Saõ Paulo, Brasil. In roughly two weeks, the band performed in Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru. In total, the three boys held seven concerts during which they shared very special moments with their local fans.

Although the band is still considered a rookie band, it is already amazingly popular out of Korea. Indeed, when the boys performed in Buenos Aires, Argentina, over 90,000 people came to see them and support them. Besides, each of their concerts lasted about two hours during which they performed 15 songs.

The members decided not to rely on local MCs to present their shows and thoughtfully tried to do it themselves by learning some useful sentences in the language of the countries in which they performed. They also surprised their local fans by including one popular song of each country into their playlist.

From next Saturday, M.O.N.T will begin its European tour with a first concert in Poznan, Poland. Thereafter, the boys will perform in Germany, Bulgaria, and France. This European tour is expected to end on the 1st of December in the French capital, Paris.

Journalist: Plum
Translator: Plum
Source: FM Entertainment

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