Saturday, September 30, 2023
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ONLYONEOF: The end of their love guide-like show.

Last night on Mnet, the last episode of the TV reality show UNLOCKING LOVE was aired.

The first episode of UNLOCKING LOVE was aired on the 1st of October 2019. The show ended last night after eight weeks of weekly broadcast. The concept of the show was to observe and analyze ONLYONEOF‘s members’ behaviors when they are set into romantic-date-situations. The production team hired experts specialized in psychology and human behavior to provide the best analyses and explanations. Also, UNLOCKING LOVE was in a way quite different from other idol reality shows that tend to be recorded with CCTV cameras. The aim of UNLOCKING LOVE was not to record the boys’ everyday life and intrude their intimacy, but to really focus on given situations.

An innovative and codes-breaker concept

UNLOCKING LOVE was partly made to denounce the unofficial and implicit «no dating rule» imposed to Korean celebrities. Besides, the members of ONLYONEOF have expressed the wish to be seen as normal people who may eventually date someone one day.

As previously mentioned, UNLOCKING LOVE is a rather unconventional reality show. Indeed, UNLOCKING LOVE does not aim to show the audience the boys’ everyday life and intimacy but it aims to show them their authentic reactions and behaviors in situations that were made up by the production team itself.

A useful and interesting dating guide

UNLOCKING LOVE was not only addressed to ONLYONEOF‘s fans but to any person wishing to know more about love relationships and human behavior. Experts’ analyses and explanations on dating codes were very well welcomed by the viewers aged between 20 to 30. In other words, UNLOCKING LOVE was like a dating guide accessible to everyone.

A rewarding experience

«I was quite anxious about being part of this show. It was the first time for all of us and I think my beginnings were pretty awkward, but I only have good memories of this experience. I am really happy that we did it and I think we (the members) got closer since then»JUNJI

«I learned many things during the shooting of the show and it was the opportunity for all seven of us to show our real face. I had lots of fun and I also feel like I have evolved a lot during the past weeks»NINE

«This experience allowed us to show our true face to each other and I think we got a lot closer and stronger as a band»YUJEONG

«It was the opportunity for me to learn more about myself»MILL

«It is the end of the show but not the end of our band’s activities. Thank you to all the people who supported us during the past eight weeks»RIE

ONLYONEOF is currently promoting its second mini-album entitled SAGE. Once the band is back from Malaysia, the boys will hold fan signs and are also expected to be the guests of several musical shows.

Journalist: Plum
Translator: Plum
Source: Mnet M2

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