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ASTRO : The flame of their passion.

Group ASTRO is back to revive the flame.

ASTRO 1 (4)

Today November 20th, 2019, it is at YES24 Live hall that ASTRO, Fantagio music, burns the 6 blue flames of their passion.

ASTRO debuted in 2016 with a first mini-album “SPRING UP“, are back on stage with their new mini-album “BLUE FLAME” and the title of the same name. 10 months after their last comeback and the title “All nightwhich has exceeded 10 million views.

Today the group presents itself with the members MJ, YOON SAN HA, JINJIN, ROCKY and CHA EUN WOO, because MOON BIN is absent for cause of obligatory rest, as announced the agency a few weeks ago.

This new mini-album is composed of 5 tracks with “Blue flame“, the main title, which brings together Reggae and Moombahton ambiences by mixing original Trap, Future bass and EDM sounds. If add sophistication to this, the new title will express love beyond its limits. For this song the group participated with the production team VOE3, who worked with international artists like Justin Bieber and Demi Lovato. Giving even more weight to this new and future hit.

This title is linked with “Go & stop“, “All about you“, “When the wind blow” which was written and composed by ROCKY, is a rather pop dance title that captures the moods and emotions of the season and finally “You’re my world”. In almost all titles JINJIN participated in the writing of titles, at the rap level.

For this showcase the boys enter the stage very quickly to pose in front of the photographers’ lenses. With a lot of elegance and charisma the 5 boys are used to seducing by their looks and their attractive physiques.

The boys are very eager to show what they are capable of, but they are also very scared and anxious because of these 10 months of waiting. They hope the fans will enjoy this comeback and this new mini-album “BLUE FLAME“.

This “Blue flame” represents, for the group, the flame of passion. An artistic but also emotional passion that crosses all the obstacles by giving itself to the end. Chemically a flame is in shades of yellow, reds orange but when it becomes more intense with a lot of passion its color turns blue.

To begin the showcase artistically boys sing the title “When the wind blow” before revealing the MV of “Blue Flame“. ASTRO has reinterpreted the concept of “Beauty and the Beast” to the ASTRO version. In a darkened world, they will come closer to the beast and take him to the light.

During this visualization of the MV, the 5 boys are preparing for the live performance of “Blue Flame“. The performance of the main title is accompanied by dancers giving more impact to the choreography that wants to be sensual.

To finish this showcase the journalists were able to ask some questions. One of them went to CHA EUNWOO to ask him if it was not difficult to shoot dramas and prepare this album, what he said:

No, it’s not that difficult, because the drama was interesting and fun, and the design of the album is just as.”


Knowing that ASTRO has international fans, they have planned activities for them. Unfortunately the group announced that nothing was planned at this time. They know they have many fans abroad but for now nothing has been decided.

ASTRO 1 (35)

The word of our reporter: “A comeback rich in sensuality and energy, these 10 months seem far away“.

Journalist : Shawn
Reporter/photos : Mélusine

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