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HYUNA : She reveals to be suffering from mental disorders.

On November 28th, 2019, HYUNA spoke with her fans with an open heart.

« Hello my fans, or those who love me and give me attention. I don’t know if it’s a good decision or not, but I thought and made my choice, and now I’m really going to start talking about my story.

In fact, I dreamed of being on stage since I was very young. My dreams came true and I had love, cares I had never really thought about growing up. Recently, I thought I had more luck and so I was grateful and sincerely delighted. These times, I also felt sorry.

Time passed, I became an adult and I thought I should be responsible for everything I do, I should not make mistakes. I didn’t even know I was going bad, but because I had these good people and my fans next to me, I thought it was okay.

It was in 2016 that I went to the hospital and discovered it for the first time. I discovered that I was sick inside. It was obvious that I had to take medicine, like when the body is sick when you catch a cold. I have always been solid, the diagnosis of depression and panic disorder was incredible.

Now I get a treatment every two weeks and I don’t think bad about it. When many people were with me, I became weak and fell several times. I thought it was part of my panic disorder but I went to a university hospital and the doctors gave me brainwave tests and found out that I had a vasovagal syncope. There is not much to do for that.

I wanted to be on stage and if anyone knew that I was falling so often because I’m sick, I was wondering if anyone could find what I have. The anxiety of knowing that I might never find what I have, I didn’t want to let anyone know. But of course, the secrets don’t last long and every time I wanted to hide it I felt sorry. When I was doing commercials or being at events I felt sorry for people who trusted me and gave me work to do.

So I wanted to talk to you a bit and be honest even if it’s not safe. I didn’t want to hide it and talk about it with courage. Now I will try to do my best and be brave, but as a person I can not be perfect. I wouldn’t say it’s too late, I’ll love myself more and take care of myself. Like now, I would like to be as courageous and honest. Thank you for reading me. »

HYUNA is not the first artist to mention her mental disorders. Let’s not forget that they are human and that they need the support and love of their fans.

Journaliste : Emilie
Translator : Emilie
Source : HYUNA’s SNS

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