FTISLAND: Second member to go to the army.

LEE JAE JIN, member of FTISLAND, will join the army next year.
lee jae jin

Today, FNC Entertainment announced that LEE JAE JIN will enroll on January 21st of next year.

LEE JAE JIN will be admitted to a training camp, undergo basic military training and serve in the army on active service.

Before LEE JAE JIN, LEE HONG KI joined the military in September. LEE JAE JIN will become the second member of FTISLAND to join the army after LEE HONG KI.

Before enrolling, LEE JAE JIN will host “2020 이재진 의 디너 없는 디너쇼” on January 11th of next year to meet fans.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: FNC Entertainment

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