Saturday, September 30, 2023

BIBANG : They renew their contracts with YG Entertainment

With the Coachella Festival officially postponed to October, here’s some news that should delight fans.

YG Entertainment announced on Wednesday March 11th that the four members , G-DRAGON, DAESUNG, TOP and TAEYANG, have renewed their exclusive contracts with the agency.

“Big Bang is a group which has surpassed the limitations of music alone, changing the very flow of South Korea’s popular culture.”

YG Entertainment

The group made its debut in 2006, and has greatly contributed to the agency’s and Kpop’s notoriety around the world.

According to the latest sources, the BIGBANG group plans to start preparing its comeback this year.

“We will support Big Bang in all areas so that they can continue to contribute to the history of K-Pop as YG Entertainment’s most representative artists.”

YG Entertainment

Journalist: Mmmrci
Translator : Mmmrci
Source : Naver


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