KANG DANIEL: The timeline of his comeback

On March 10th, the official accounts of KANG DANIEL‘s social networks revealed a planning of teasers to keep fans waiting for the release of the MV.

KANG DANIEL‘s comeback planning

Planning for the comeback:
March 10th: Release of the schedule
March 11th: Opening of the album pre-orders
March 12th: Album cover art
March 13th: Special Trailer #1
March 16th: Concept Photo #1
March 17th: Concept Photo #2
March 18th: Tracklist
March 19th: Special Trailer #2
March 20th: MV Teaser
March 23rd: Highlight Medley
March 24th: Release of the MV

This mini-album is KANG DANIEL‘s very first since his return, but also his first album since his solo debut.

Indeed, after the disbanding of the group WANNA ONE, of which KANG DANIEL was a member, he started his career as a soloist and released 2 singles. Unfortunately, he had to take a break. But DANITY’s wait is now rewarded by this mini-album which will be released in 2 weeks.

Journalist: Louise
Translator: Louise
Source: SNS instagram @danielk_konnect

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