CHOI SUHWAN: Power for “Kick it”

The young singer unveils a new choreography.

Today June 19th, CHOI SUHWAN posts us on his YouTube channel “Swanta TV” a new cover dance video on the title “Kick it” of the group NCT 127.

The choreography is powerful and masculine, and the young SUHWAN accentuates the movements by adding his personal style.

CHOI SUHWAN participated in Produce X 101 as a trainee without agency. He quickly stood out thanks to his powerful voice as a vocalist, and also, with his small size which made the fans get attached to him.

Regularly CHOI SUHWAN unveils videos of cover dance, cover singing and training in order to head towards his solo debut or not.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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