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WEKI MEKI: “Oopsy” dance practice

Group WEKI MEKI comes to make you dance with “Oopsy“.

The 8 girls from WEKI MEKI, SUYEON, ELLY, YOOJUNG, DOYEON, SEI, LUA, RINA, and LUCY, from Fantagio music have just made their comeback by releasing their new mini-album “HIDE and SEEK” with the main title Oopsy“.

The song is catchy with an addictive chorus and the expression that will be all the rage this summer “Oopsy“. In the video released today, the girls show us the entire choreography of this title song. A mixture of cute steps expressing this feminine side of the group with more “punchy” movements.

Currently the group WEKI MEKI is promoting its mini-album “HIDE and SEEK” on the various musical shows in Seoul.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Fantagio

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