Friday, December 1, 2023

LOVELYZ: End of their reality show

The reality show “러블리즈 다이어리 별책부록 Lovelyz Diary’s Book“, which showed the colorful charm of the group LOVELYZ, has ended.


Woollim Entertainment released on June 19th the latest episode of the LOVELYZ reality show “러블리즈 다이어리 별책부록 Lovelyz Diary’s Book“. LOVELYZ have exuded an honest and easy-going charm through “러블리즈 다이어리 별책부록 Lovelyz Diary’s Book”, and have been loved by fans for their solid teamwork, being in their seventh year since their debut.

The last episode of “러블리즈 다이어리 별책부록 Lovelyz Diary’s Book” released that same day started with LOVELYZ watching horror movies. During this mission the group received a penalty for having exceeded 50 decibels of noise, the members of LOVELYZ disguised themselves one by one according to their errors, no longer being able to concentrate on the horror film, but becoming a comic scene for other members.

LOVELYZ then had a game of truth to tell themselves what they couldn’t say to each other. In particular, YE IN, the youngest, shed tears over the leader BABYSOUL, saying: “I’m sorry I couldn’t take care of you“, while the main singer KEI created a warm atmosphere for YE IN, saying, “I’ll be a sister you can lean on comfortably if you’re tired.” However, it was a funny moment because LOVELYZ didn’t remove the makeup with which they had been penalized previously.

LOVELYZ, who published for the first time “다이어리즈 다이어리 별책부록 Lovelyz Diary’s Book” on the 26th of last month, was in charge of occupying the nights of the Lovelinus (fans of the group) every Tuesday and Friday.

The news of the end of “러블리즈 다이어리 별책부록 Lovelyz Diary’s Book” left the Lovelinus with great regret.

Behind the scenes footage from LOVELYZ, which was not broadcast in the latest episode of “러블리즈 다이어리 별책부록 Lovelyz Diary’s Book“, will be available on Tik Tok on June 20th.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Woollim Entertainment

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