JJ PROJECT: “Verse 2” turns three.

JJ PROJECT 2017 Album Teaser: From left to right: JJP JB & JJP JINYOUNG

Fans from all around the world have gathered to celebrate JJ PROJECT‘s second album “VERSE 2” third anniversary.

Since July 31 midnight KST, fans of JJ PROJECT gathered on various social medias thanks to the hashtag #3yearswithVerse2 in order to celebrate the third anniversary of the “VERSE 2” album, rejoicing over the memories, sharing their favorite lyrics, songs and JJP moments.

VERSE 2” is the second album of the unit, that was released 5 years after their official debut back in 2012 with their EP “BOUNCE” and acting debut with KBS drama “Dream High” season 1 and 2. 

VERSE 2” was a success, praised by both fans and critics. It reached high positions on various charts, it reached the 2nd place on the Gaon chart and others. It was crowned as one of the bests KPOP albums of both 2017 and the decade by Billboards’ critics.

From “BOUNCE” to “VERSE 2“, they showcased new colors, new energies, a peculiar growth that  is theirs and theirs only. The gap between the two reflects their evolution as a duo turned into a band that returns to its roots. 

Because that’s what JJ PROJECT is all about, they are the very core of the group, the roots of its artistry and its growth despite being diametrically opposed. They are the foundation of GOT7.

JB: JJ project is a true reflection of us. It’s a creative outlet we use to express ourselves. Verse 2 is an album that’s very important to me. GOT7 on the other hand, is a place where we can be a little cooler and put together.”

This beautifully produced album isn’t just a successful piece chart wise; it is also a very important milestone for the duo, the fans and the group.

Released on July 31, 2017, it is one of first albums in which the members are fully involved regarding the creative process of every single track. Along with “7FOR7” who came out shortly after, the members were relatively in commands, they were involved into the entire artistic process be it the music production or the album’s “design” with a photography exhibit that was held displaying JJP’s pictures taken during their preparations for this awaited comeback.

The 8 songs, written and produced by the duo and some familiar names such as DISTRACT, SECRET WEAPON or ROYAL DIVE,  introduce us to the beautiful storytelling of a coming of age that can be related to, wherever we are, whoever we are.

From the longing for a loved one, to the uncertainty of one’s chosen path,  “VERSE 2” is a wonderful celebration of the youth, of the errors and trials, of the pain, anguish, troubling thoughts one must experience when growing up. It is almost a rite of passage to adulthood.

It’s an album about growth, self growth especially. It’s a heartwarming story about brotherhood, of two young men, united over their love for music. 

It’s a reinterpretation of the myth of Icarus, to fly high in the sky or to fall.

It’s a call for everyone to reflect on themselves. It’s a call for introspection, a piece to help one facing its own fears and anguish. It’s a very meaningful album that tackles universal sentiment of doubts, pains, fears of falling and failing, trials and errors.

 It’s an epiphany that’s called “VERSE 2”. 

One can relate to a song, a piece, a melody that was written about a special something that turns into an universal feeling sentiment.

It’s representative of themselves, their feelings, their doubts as young men and artists but it’s also one common call for the youth sitting on the ledge, between childhood and adulthood. The lyrics can be interpreted to fit one’s mood, its emotions or inner feelings.

It is theirs as much as it is ours, as fans, and that’s the beauty of music.

” #JinYoung: It is an album made without regret. […] Verse 2 is the album that i treasure the most.”

Congratulations to JJ PROJECT for offering their fans, casual listeners and enthusiats such a wonderful album:

What is your favorite song from the “VERSE 2” album ? What is your favorite JJP moment ? Tell us in the comments down below !

You can find the best JJP moments of the “VERSE 2 era here:

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Journalists: Catherine, Chloé, Kamélia, Lilies

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