PARK JIN YOUNG: A duo that will sparkle

PARK JIN YOUNG and “Diva” Sunmi will meet in the new MV. The exciting combination of the two has raised a lot of fan expectations.

JYP Entertainment‘s chief producer PARK JIN YOUNG and Sunmi posted photos on its social media on August 2nd, with the headline “When we disco,” accompanied by a couple dance. It’s a promotional statement for the new song, which will be released at 6 pm on August 12th.

In the photo, PARK JIN YOUNG wears a shiny purple jacket, while Sunmi is dressed in a red and black striped one-piece miniskirt. Under a shiny disco ball with the twinkling lights, the retro costumes and makeup are naturally exciting.

Sunmi seems to be putting a lot of energy into PARK JIN YOUNG’s new duet song through the past SNS post “JYPXSUNMI 2020.08.12 6pm #WHENWEDISCO #JYPXSUNMI”.

PARK JIN YOUNG also said, “How are you feeling?” #Park Jin-young is back, ”asking fans.

Fan expectations for this collaboration have also increased. On the other hand, the separation between Sunmi and JYP Entertainment remains in their heads, questions are being heard and fans fear that their subscribers will unsubscribe.

Fans say: “Wow! Is this real? Are you going to sing with Sunmi?“, “Oh my God“, “Quickly in August“, “No! What?“, “How many followers do you want this time?” There is also a funny comment, “LOL“.

PARK JIN YOUNG‘s new song “Wen we disco” is set to be the first duet with Sunmi, who recently made a solo comeback with the single “Purple night“, after more than eight months since “Fever” last December.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: SNS JYP

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