Wednesday, December 6, 2023
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DAY6 : JAE is about to make an announcement at DIVE STUDIOS

While, on May 11th, the KPOP band DAY6 was temporarily pausing their activities, JAE is back at DIVE STUDIOS for the podcast “HOW DID I GET HERE“.

After a pause of more than 2 weeks, JAE comesback as the official radio DJ for the show “HOW DID I GET HERE” from DIVE STUDIOS. 

While JYP Entertainment, the agency of the KPOP band DAY6, announced, on May 11th, that the band would pause their activities due to some members suffering of anxiety, the fans didn’t have much updates since that day.

ARTICLE – Activities paused

3 days ago JYP Entertainement was publishing an important information : lDAY6 are cominback with a sub-unit. The comeback is scheduled for late August.

ARTICLE – DAY6 Sub-unit

JAE had taken a little break from the podcast show “HOW DID I GET HERE”, for unknown reasons. Fans had been happy to learn an update of the show on the Instagram account of DIVE STUDIOS, announcing the comeback of the star with an important announcement coming.

JAE has participated to the little podcast “HWAITING” where he looked happy and healthy.

One thing left to do : Stay tuned to know what’s going on !

Journalist : Natacha
Translator : Natacha
Source & Picture : DIVE STUDIOS / JAE SNS



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