A.C.E: Mystical atmosphere for “Favorite boys” teaser.

The first teaser video for boy group A.C.E.’s new song “Favorite boys” has been released.


The first teaser video for the new song “Favorite boys was released on A.C.E‘s official SNS at midnight on the 31st. The released video showed A.C.E members showing sensuous choreography with dancers along with Korean style patterns, murals, and materials such as wood and silk.

In particular, the appearance of A.C.E members performing with strong sounds after the atmosphere was reversed by the appearance of the goblin murals further raised expectations for the new song “Favorite boys.”

A.C.E‘s fourth mini-album HJZM: THE BUTTERFLY FANTASY” is the concept that A.C.E tries for the first time since its debut, citing the part of Zhang Za’s “the Butterfly’s dream,” a classical Chinese literary genre, and incorporating Korean beauty into the Asian concept, drawing attention from fans at home and abroad.

Meanwhile, A.C.E will make a comeback with his fourth mini-album, “HJZM: THE BUTTERFLY FANTASY,” on Sept. 2.


Journalist: Subaru
Translator: Subaru
Source: Beat Interactive

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