Saturday, September 30, 2023

SUPERM: “Tinger inside” also in THE STAGE

The group born from SM ENTERTAINMENT project with the aim of bringing together the most talented members from different groups: SUPERM once again appeared on THE STAGE.

For this last passage in the program SUPERM presented his last single “Tinger inside” through an interview of the various members. The members explained the meaning of the last single released on September 1st, as well as the next album the band will release on September 25: “SUPER ONE“.

The video begins by showing the members behind the scenes of the show where the members can be seen talking about their outfits, makeup etc. Then we have the right to interview the members who tell us about the single in question, the album that will be released soon and the choreography of “Tinger inside“.

Interview de SUPERM pour THE STAGE


TAEMIN explained the message the song gives:

The song says, “open your heart”, “let go of your worries”, “express yourself to the fullest”.

KAI then gave the message that the album “SUPER ONE” gives.

The album’s message is “Let’s use our potential and our power to overcome these difficulties.”

The latter later explained that with the current situation of COVID-19, the band hopes that this album will give people the strength to overcome their difficulties. He added that this is how he felt about the album.

As a reminder, the group is made up of seven members: KAI and BAEKHYUN from the group EXO, LUCAS and TEN from the Chinese sub-unit WAYV, TAEYONG and MARK from the sub unit NCT 127 and TAEMIN from the group SHINEE. It will return with its very first full album on September 25th.

Journalist: Kimi2171
Translator: Shawn
Source: Chaîne YouTube officielle SMTOWN

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