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JACKSON WANG : His new Hong Kong inspired MV

JACKSON WANG released his new single “Pretty please” in collaboration with GALANTIS.

On September 4, JACKSON WANG revealed his latest work: his collaboration with GALANTIS, “Pretty please” .

For this new song, JACKSON participated directly in the MV as a producer, a director and the scriptor and took us into a decor inspired by Hong Kong 90s movies.  The production resembles one of a real movie, having a music-free introduction and rolling credits beside the behind-the-scenes images at the end of the clip.

The video starts with him sitting at a Chinese restaurant with his friends watching a short documentary on wolves before a woman enters the restaurant and captivate his attention. The young woman is actually played by the actress that appeared in “100 ways” where the scenery was more traditional. JACKSON was also assisted by Anthony Lee (KINJAZ) to choreograph his song once again. So, with this small same team, he is reopening the door to the discovery of Chinese culture.

This collaboration is once again a real success : the song immediately made it to iTunes top trends as well as many Spotify playlists and the MV reached 3 million views on the next day of its release. Many fans also heard the song on US radio when the song was released less than 12 hours prior and Billboard chose “Pretty please” as one of the week’s best new dance tracks.

While we wait for the promised behind-the-scenes video and his new Chinese EP, you can listen to his new song here.

Journalist: Catherine
Translator: Catherine
Source: SNS Jackson Wang, SNS TEAM WANG

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