Saturday, September 30, 2023
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ATEEZ : The eight members become Polished Man ambassadors

ATEEZ eight members show their support to Polished Man, a campaign which brings awareness to child violences.


Polished Man is a campaign created to support trauma prevention in order to end child violences. Each five minutes, a child dies because of violences. This campaign’s aims are to raise funds to stop these violences, to focus on trauma prevention and also trauma recovery for these children. People who support this campaign have to paint one of their nails to spark conversations which could bring more people and more donations.


One of ATEEZ’ members, leader HONGJOONG, was already a supporter of this campaign. Indeed, fans already saw one of his nails painted on several photos, lives or shows. After that, his fans started to talk about Polished Man‘s aims. So ATEEZ’ fans are now really proud to support a group which tries to use its popularity to bring awareness on such an important cause.

ATEEZ’ support to Polished Man was announced when the eight members finished the promotion for their latest song entitled “THANXX”.

Journalist : Solène
Translator : Solène
Source : SNS ATEEZ

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