THE BOYZ : The members teach us how to steal hearts before their comeback

After their victory on the show “Road to Kingdom”, THE BOYZ’ eleven members are back with a 5th mini album as heart stealers.


Since the announcement of the group’s comeback, many posters, videos and photos were revealed to introduce a completely unique concept. Indeed, after hearing about the mini album’s title “CHASE” and the title song “The Stealer”, the fans understood that the eleven members will be kind of thieves whose aim will be to steal people’s heart.


Today, a new teaser has been released on THE BOYZ’ SNS accounts and YouTube channel. The making of this video is composed of accelerations and slowdowns which belongs the members to show their visuals. Indeed, each of the eleven members were able to show for several seconds their own charms that could melt hearts before they could even be stolen. In fact, this video teaser was created for the members to explain one by one, each of the tricks they are going to use to steal their fans’ hearts.
1. Make eye contact ; 2. Play hard to get ; 3. Strike a pose ; 4.Use the props ; 5. Set the mood ;
6. Sometimes, tears work ; 7. Get close ; 8. Make sure you smell good ;
9. Reveal your hidden charms ; 10. Show off yourself ; 11. And then, you fall in love

THE BOYZ will make its comeback with the mini album “CHASE” and the title song “The Stealer” on September 21.

Journalist : Solène
Translation : Solène

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