Saturday, September 30, 2023

EVERGLOW: The power of a girl group

The girl group EVERGLOW announced an even more powerful and more intense charisma.

EVERGLOW posted a video teaser for the music video for its second mini album “-77.82X-78.29” on its official SNS accounts at midnight on September 16th.

The 30-second video teaser begins with a background of a dark, rainy world. EVERGLOW, which exudes intense charisma with black and red styling, then caught the eye, and parts of the song and performance, short but addicting “La Di Da” were unveiled, warming the mood of this comeback.

The title song “La Di Da” is a mix of electro-pop and retro genre, maximizing the sensibilities of retro dance. It contains a significant warning message to “HATERS”, who are filled with discontent in our present time.

The clip but ahead of chaotic times with a genre called cypher-punk. Expressing the image of EVERGLOW bringing solace and fighting for the underprivileged and the desperate younger generation, raising expectations for the main MV.

In addition, four songs in total including “Untuchable“, “GxxD boy” and “No good reason”, which offer comparable quality to the title song, were included in the album.

EVERGLOW, which was noticed as a global group around the same time as its debut last year, clearly topped the iTunes K-POP charts with a record 100 million views for the music video for “Adios” and “Dun dun. “. With this comeback, the group will continue to perform as a representative idol group of K-pop.

EVERGLOW‘s second mini album “-77 .82X-78.29” will be available on various online music sites at 6 pm on September 21st.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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