WAYV: Members in the “NCT 2020” project

A few days ago, NCT announced its new project similar to “NCT 2018” with “NCT 2020“, and it turns out that the Chinese sub-unit WAYV will be part of it.

« Interlude : Resonance »

Today, the various SNS of the NCT subunits have been updated with the same, a short video introducing the new project logo on behalf of “NCT 2020: Resonance Pt. 1”, as well as a video showing all the subunits of NCT through their different comebacks this time in the name of “Interlude: Resonance“. We should then expect more parties through this project, given the name of the logo intro video. In addition, this new logo shows the year “2020” in a very specific writing and design.

The project had been announced without fans knowing which units would be part of the project, so many assumed WAYV would be in it but no one could be sure until there was the official announcement of the sub-unit in question.

NCT had done a project like this before. Indeed in 2018, NCT launches the project “NCT 2018“, which consists in bringing together all the units of NCT, and to propose a title song by unit in order to bring together the songs of all in a single album, which was entitled “EMPATHY” .

By the way, WAYV member LUCAS made his debut through this project in the NCT U sub-unit and with the song “Boss”, WAYV’s member TEN also was already a NCT member who made his debut in NCT U too, through the song “The 7th sense”. As for the leader KUN, the latter had made his debut in the same sub-unit, NCT U, singing with the other members of the unit the Chinese version of the song “Without you“, and had been part of the NCT 2018 project. , but was officially introduced in WAYV afterwards. WINWIN was present in the NCT 127 sub-unit having made his debut with it, until he joined WAYV to debut again in this sub-unit. The members HENDERY, YANGYANG and XIAOJUN who form with TEN, LUCAS, WINWIN and KUN the Chinese group (Chinese sub-unit) WAYV, officially debuted in this unit, and were introduced in the SM ROOKIES project not then part of sub-units prior to their debut within WAYV.

NCT U« Boss »

NCT U« The 7th sense »

It is therefore a project that promises to be similar, which is planned for this year. However, we cannot know whether new members will start through the project or not. The official release date for the project has yet to be announced, and details are yet to come, however the project is slated for next month.

Journalist: Kimi2171
Translator: Shawn
Source: SNS WAYV

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