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GREATGUYS : Follow haneul in his bodybuilding programm

Since their last comeback “Run” which reached 40k views on youtube, the members of GREATGUYS are doing everything to stay fit. Especially HANEUL who trains everyday at the gym. He decided, for grace, to show his everyday sport progamm.

Grace noticed it , HANEUL becomes more and more muscular.And for good reason, every mornings and evenings, he go to the gym to do bodybuilding. In his video, posted on fanddle’s youtube channel, an entertainment site elated to iorean idols and with whom the group is now in collaboration-, we can see and learn the singer’s sport programm,through cardio, for warm up, to push-up and chinning bars or even dumbbell.Fans don’t miss to admire HANEUL‘s fairly well-formed arms.

Moreover, he also informed on the group’s instagram, through the photo above, that he would post his body profile very soon, on fanddle. Enough to inform us his physical evolution since his debuts with GREATGUYS.

As a reminder, DONGHWI, main singer of the group, announced his upcoming departure for military service which will take place on november 12th. But other members, JAEI, HORYEONG, HANEUL, DAUN, DONGIN, UIYEON, HWALCHAN et BAEKGYEOL post very regularly many photos and propose live on instagram and on vlive app in order to keep in touch with the fans and to keep them company.

                                                                                                                                           Journalist: Nana
Translator: Nana

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