Monday, December 4, 2023

GOT7: More details on their upcoming comeback.

GOT7 will make a comeback on November 30th with the album « BREATH OF LOVE: LAST PIECE ».

GOT7 members during their virtual fansign.

After the announcement of an upcoming comeback, fans were delighted by the various contents, appearances and interactions on social media provided by the members of GOT7.
On November 12th, the group revealed through its official accounts the album’s tracklist. All the members of the group participated in the creative process, in the production of the songs, be it in the melodies or the lyrics.

The album will consist of 10 tracks, including two singles, a first for the group, composed by GOT7 JB and YOUNGJAE. Each member also participated in a song from this album. The album and goodies’ design was also partially revealed.

The fans are looking forward to see their favorite singers, composers and lyricists’ upcoming album. Other well-known artists are on the tracklist, such as those of OFFSHORE members or even DISTRACT, all of whom have already participated in other titles of the group and in their solos.

The tracklist was quickly followed by JB‘s and MARK‘s photo teasers, respectively released on Sunday and Monday. Next up are those of JACKSON, JINYOUNG, YOUNGJAE, BAMBAM and YUGYEOM – as usual each individual photo teasers is revealed from the oldest to the youngest member of the group.

The teasers of the two oldest members were the best examples of how each member appropriates the three concepts shown in the group photo teasers, alternating between a pink and blue glossy paper style or playing with movement in a concept with pale colors.
The fans are now looking forward to seeing the next teasers of the remaining five members.
The band also held a virtual fansign for the album « DYE » with their Thai fans, an event that could not be held in real due to the global pandemic.

For this first group outing in a few months, we’d like to with YUGYEOM, GOT7 youngest member, a happy birthday

What do you think of these teasers? Are you ready for this GOT7 comeback?

We cannot wait to hear their newest album! May this comeback and its promotion be successful for GOT7!

Sources: SNS GOT7 Official, NAVER, OSEN



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