WISH YOU: BAEK SEO BIN friend of the main character

Actor BAEK SEO BIN continues to cross genres.


Actor BAEK SEO BIN has been chosen for the web drama “Wish you” (Co-produced by Moving Pictures Company, Emotion Studio, and director Sung Do Joon).

The web drama “Wish you“, launched by the production and distribution brand specializing in this content “Idol Romance“, is a story about singer-songwriter Kang In Soo (Kang In-soo) and keyboardist Yoon Sang (Lee Sang) struggling to fulfill their dreams in music, staging emotional music.

BAEK SEO BIN stars as barista Min Sung who hails his music career by posting Kang In Soo tracks on YouTube as the main character’s best friend. BAEK SEO BIN will be the powerful assistant of Kang In-soo and Yoon Sang, Min Sung with a soft and comforting charm

BAEK SEO BIN also played the role of Tae Soo, who started boxing to earn money in the 46th Seoul Independent Film Festival guest film “Fighter” (written by and directed by Yoon Jae-ho).


Attention is drawn to BAEK SEO BIN‘s decision to play different opposing characters through “Wish you” and “Fighter”.

The drama “Wish you“, of the genre BL (boys love) which merges the sensitivity of music with this genre, will be released simultaneously in more than 200 countries around the world in December, on the applications Lakuten Viki, Rakuten TV in Japan, Taiwan Line TV, Idol romance apps only, We TV, IFlix, etc. and the movie version of the film will be available on Netflix early next year.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: FN Entertainment

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