Tuesday, October 3, 2023

IZ*ONE: Silence we’re shooting!

The group IZ*ONE which had announced a comeback, confirms it today.

This November 23rd at midnight, the group IZ*ONE confirms its comeback on its SNS by posting two photos and updating the profile photos. The 12 group members, KWON EUN BI, MIYAWAKI SAKURA, KANG HYE WON, CHOI YE NA, LEE CHAE YEON, KIM CHAE WON, KIM MIN JU, YABUKI NAKO, HONDA HITOMI, JO YU RI, AN YU JIN and JANG WON YOUNG therefore announce the arrival of “ONE-REELER“.

On the first photo that was published, you discover on a red background, the representation of a cinema ticket. On it, the image of an old camera is present as well as the title “ONE-REELER” which means “a reel” and the release date “December 7th, 2020 at 6 pm” are present. If we trust the two images, we can expect a retro concept showing the cinema of the old days. Reminding us of the beauty of these movie stars with their magnificent white skin, their elegant outfits, up to the “pin-up” side. Could this be the concept chosen for this comeback?

The second photo is a screen, with the image projected by an old projector for the broadcast of a film, confirming this concept of old cinema.

The group IZ*ONE was formed by the show Produce 48, which was marred by the rigged votes scandal, but which in no way detracts from the talents of the twelve members.

IZ*ONE will therefore be back on December 7th with its 4th mini-album “ONE-REELER“.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: SNS IZ*ONE

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