TO MY STAR: The main actors have been chosen

Casting for the lead role in the web drama “TO MY STAR” is over.

On November 25th, the producers of the web drama “TO MY STAR” said, “We have confirmed the casting of new actors SON WOO HYUN and KIM KANG MIN. Although he is considered a ‘newbie’, it is said that it stimulates excitement with visuals that raise expectations.”

TO MY STAR” was edited by the production team of Korea’s first BL web drama “Where your eyes lingers“. The film portrays the sweet and savory love story of actor Kang Seo Joon, who knows himself well, and chef Han Ji Woo, who doesn’t want others to know.

Director Hwang Da Seul, who made a strong impression by winning first place in the drama category in many countries with his thrilling bromance, once again raised the megaphone, sparking industry interest as well as new Hallyu fans. The addition of beautiful actors who steal the hearts of women is enough to pique the interest of fans around the world.

The role of star Kang Seo Joon, who hasn’t swerved a single step since his debut with perfect visual and natural talent, is played by SON WOO HYUN. Shining like a star in the sky, he undergoes subtle emotional changes upon entering Ji Woo’s world because of an event.

SON WOO HYUN, who has built his career through dramas such as “Blow breeze”, “Nokdu flower”, “Touch”, films “Crazy romance” and “Justice high”, is the newcomer, rising, of these. years with his impressive acting skills in the drama “The tale of a Gumiho”. He will maximize the character’s charm with his graphics and solid acting skills that boast of perfect synchronization with the character.


KIM KANG MIN was cast for the role of Han Ji Woo, a handsome leader who silently made his way to his goal with unwavering perseverance. Kang Seo Joon, who fell under his spell, will be plunged into chaos. Among the new arrivals who have stolen the hearts of women through the dramas “Hot stove League“, “She know everything” and “The tale of a Gumiho“, he is about to renew his character of rookie.


The bromance of the two boys, who are united not only with their warm visuals, but also with their strong acting skills that are nothing like rookies, should captivate viewers with their bromance in “TO MY STAR”.

The “TO MY STAR” production team said, “SON WOO HYUN and KIM KANG MIN were selected as the main characters due to the high rate of competition from the new genre of Korean web drama, which the world is paying attention to. you to the synergy created by the two people who have strong power to attract people.It also added expectations, saying, “The best BL genre we’ve ever seen before will be born.”

Journaliste : Shawn
Source : Actors agency

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