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GOT7: GOT7 is back with new album “BREATH OF LOVE: LAST PIECE”.

GOT7 is back today with their brand new album “BREATH OF LOVE: LAST PIECE”.

GOT7, from left to right and top to bottom: MARK, JAYB, YUGYEOM, JACKSON, JINYOUNG, BAMBAM, YOUNGJAE.

One of KPOP most acclaimed bands, GOT7, made their long-awaited comeback with the album “BREATH OF LOVE: LAST PIECE” that was released today.

This album, their first LP in two years, is composed of 10 songs, among which one can find the two title tracks of said LP. Most of the tracks were written and composed by the members of GOT7.

After winning their second Daesang at the Asia Artists Awards (AAA) in the Performance of the Year category – for the second year in a row, GOT7 is now presenting to its audience a solidly produced album that confirms their nicknames of “ever-growing idols”.
Their previous comeback was back in April, when they released the album “DYE”, with “Not By The Moon” as a single.

The group released the album and the music video for their second single “Last Piece” through their official social media accounts and quickly captured the hearts of many fans.

Presented as a sequel to the first single “Breath”, the music video uses up the same moving painting trope with a choreography that highlights the quality of the group’s complex and energetic performances.

The album “BREATH OF LOVE: LAST PIECE” contains 10 tracks, varying between pop-rock, R&B, dancing tracks or even softer ballads. It is also with an impeccable production that the album has guaranteed part of its success. The various compositions of the members very much highlight each individual’s personal color and their synergy which makes GOT7 who they are today.

The 2 singles “Breath“, “Last Piece” are followed by the songs “Born Ready“, co-written by MARK, “Special” co-written by JACKSON, “Wave” co-written by JINYOUNG, “Waiting For You ” co-written by BAMBAM, “Thank You, Sorry” co-written by YUGYEOM, “1 + 1“, “I Mean It” or even “We Are Young“; offering fans new songs that are as diverse as they are intriguing.

The ØFFSHORE crew, which JAEBEOM is a part of, penned this second single and their skills were praised by the fans. There are also other names of famous producers – be it for their work with GOT7 or other KPOP groups.

The release of this highly anticipated album by fans led the group and its 10 tracks to quickly reach the top of the charts in many countries as well as in Korea, where the single “Last Piece” appears in the charts of Soribada, Bugs or in first place on the Genie streaming platform. The clip has already accumulated nearly 3 million views and has broken all the records previously set by the group; the album “BREATH OF LOVE: LAST PIECE”  is at the top of the iTunes USA charts.

The group became the fourth KPOP group to reach such a high in the US charts and the first for JYP Entertainment.

Fans also gathered to share their impressions and excitement on social media around various hashtags that stayed on top of global trends throughout the day. Fans were able to celebrate such milestones with the band, more especially GOT7 MARK, JAEBEOM, JINYOUNG and BAMBAM who were active on their personal social media account.

The fans were also able to arouse the curiosity of a more Korean, local audience. After articles circulated about their Korean language skills of GOT7 fans and their anger regarding the lack of promotional activities for the group, many k-netizens became interested in this group, even going as far as listening to their latest album.

GOT7 will be present very soon on the WEEKLY IDOL show, and has already been able to go to the Twitter Blue Room for the release of their album, where they were revealed the visual of the album, discussed the preparations for this comeback and talked about the story behind each song. They performed an escape game for the 1theK youtube channel during the PRISON INTERVIEW game. They will also take part in musical shows on the 4th and 6th of December as well as the famous Mnet Awards (MAMA).

We wish the group GOT7 many more successes and their album “BREATH OF LOVE: LAST PIECE”!

What is your favorite song?

You can find the clips of the two singles here: BREATH & LAST PIECE 

The album is now available on all streaming platforms:





LINKS: Twitter Blue Room1theK Prison Interview




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