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WISH YOU: Some presentations before the first broadcast

Some new videos of the shoot for the BL drama “WISH YOU” have been released.

The BL drama “WISH YOU“, whose main roles are interpreted by the singers KANG IN SOO (Myname) and LEE SANG (Imfact), regularly reveals a few short videos from the filming of the drama and some quick interviews of the two boys.

In these different videos, IN SOO and LEE SANG invite you to come regularly to do your research on the drama in order to discover a little more about its history. The two boys appearing in their respective roles, on one side a singer and on the other a keyboardist.

Finally the two artists took “1 minutes” maximum for you to speak about them and the drama “WISH YOU“. Starting with KANG IN SOO who insists on the musical side of BL drama.

The second presentation is that of LEE SANG who tries to bring you into the universe of “WISH YOU“, he also talks to you about the musical aspect of the drama and that the story takes place in this universe. It remains striking that LEE SANG seems very shy in front of the camera which charms the fans enormously.

The web drama “WISH YOU” is slated to air simultaneously on December 5th on Idolromance’s home mobile app and global platforms, and the director’s film version will air simultaneously on Netflix early next year, as well as all platforms (applications only IDOLomance, Vicky, Japanese Rakuten TV, Taiwan Line TV and IFlix) on which the web drama was broadcast.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Idolromance

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