While SEO EUNKWANG made a comeback with the sub-unit BTOB4U, his talent for entertainment got him an award.


Member and leader of the KPOP group BTOB, from CUBE ENTERTAINMENT, and member of the sub-units BTOB BLUE & BTOB 4U, SEO EUNKWANG did work a lot since his discharge in April this year.

First member to enlist, he is also the first to comeback from military sercvice no April 7th. Since, SEO EUNKWANG has been working a lot, participating to a lot of entertainment TV shows, while he was, aside from this, busy with the launch of his solo career and the launch of the sub-unit BTOB 4U. Currently MC for the third season of the show IDOL LEAGUE, the talent of the singer has no need to be proven anymore, as you can see in this video of his performance with his friend and BTOB member, LEE CHANGSUB, in which the 2 Idols represent, with a lot of humour, the “Silver Axe & Golden Axe” in a crazy choregraphy where they also master the song.

A talent that has been confirmed by a lot of MCs and artists who had the chance to meet the Idol.

While he is preparing for the online concert of BTOB 4U to happen on Juanary 23rd, SEO EUNKWANG got an award at the “Korea First Brand Awards 2021” in the category  “Male Idol variety star“. The ceremony couldn’t happen due to Covid-19 but the winners have been announced.

The “Korea First Brand Awards” give rewards, every year, to artists through surveys and votes by consummers.

Journalist : Natacha
Translator : Natacha



2 thoughts on “BTOB : SEO EUNKWANG’s award

  • 24 December 2020 at 3 03 27 122712

    Oppa saranghae 🥺😭😭🥰🥰you did it, you never failed to make us proud of you, I love you and will always do…


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