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BTS: V’s ‘Blue & Grey’ track helped him overcome his problems, fans propel the track to the top

Group BTS group V‘s self-composed song “Blue & Grey” swept the top of the BTS-related Google trend and received a brilliant spotlight.

According to SM Trend, a Google-based search analytics site, Group BTS‘ “Blue & Grey” was the world’s most searched subject, related to BTS, for 30 days just before the third week of December.

In the United States, “Bts Blue and Grey” topped the list, followed by India in first place and Canada in second place, proving that there is great public interest in the song.

In Japan, it is so popular that he selected “Blue & Grey” with “Dynamite” as the top 10 songs in the special episode “T Night” of the Fuji TV music show “Best 10 of Mind”.

The track from BTS’ album “BE“, “Blue & Grey“, which was released on November 20th, was originally slated to be included in V‘s mixtape as a song V was involved in writing in, performing on composition and production, but was recommended by members for inclusion in the album.

V said: “I have felt better emotionally over time and felt a sense of accomplishment when I put my emotions into the lyrics and the melody to overcome burnout,” adding that the song that was born at that time was “Blue & Grey.” A very particular title for V who has yet to specify the moment of writing this title.

“I wrote “Blue & Grey” during some pretty tough times. It was a time when I was wondering whether or not I should continue this career. It seemed difficult for me to enjoy the work and the path I had taken seemed meaningless. I felt like I was in a tunnel and couldn’t see the exit.”


Several people said of the song, Lim Hyung Joo, a world famous popera tenor, it is the “best song” that moves my heart without much criticism or reason, while Arjan Timmermans, content director of Apple hailed it as “one of the best ballads of the year.”

V‘s authentic lyrics and unique sensibility based on his experience provide deep sympathy and solace to listeners, along with popular success and critical acclaim for “Blue & Grey“. For V the title must bring good being to listeners:

“When someone is depressed, it is better to say, “Ah you’re depressed these days” or “You can’t feel better now just because someone is trying to cheer you up.” The same goes for “Blue & Grey”. “You are depressed right now, so am I. We are the same.” “Should I talk about the feelings I have deep in my heart now? You want to make me happy now, right? In the midst of it all, something keeps coming like a wave, doesn’t it?” ? ” These are all the things I wanted to convey in my song.”


With this song V showed that it is good to externalize your feelings, to talk about them and to take the time to get out of this state. This title was like a remedy for V:

“I’ve had a problem like this before. It was really difficult back then. But I couldn’t keep carrying these feelings with me, so I realized that these feelings could be the basis of something. So I continued to express my feelings in writing on a notepad and used that to write lyrics. As I continued to write, I started to write a song. When I finished writing I felt a sense of accomplishment and was able to let go of my “Blue & Grey” a bit. It was one of the ways for me to overcome my problems.”

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Big Hit / SM Trend / Fuji Tv

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