NU’EST: MINHYUN’s 1st OST is out

MINHYUN from the group NU’EST (MINHYUN, JR, ARON, REN, BAEKHO), released his very first OST since his debuts in 2012.

The song “모든 밤 너 에게” sung by MINHYUN, in collaboration with the Naver’s webtoon Love Revolution was released on January 6 on various streaming platforms for the “Re: born Project”.

The “Re: born Project” received a lot of attention for choosing MINHYUN as the first participant. The project works around the theme “Untie, retie and meet again” through a variety of collaborations that will bringing together songs with webtoons, dramas, films and more.

“모든 밤 너 에게” which has become a hot topic for being MINHYUN’s first OST, is the theme song from the webtoon “Love Revolution. The song is composed with sophisticated chords and a beautiful arrangement that MINHYUN‘s sincere vocal tone build on to create a heart-warming song.

This OST adds a new experience to MINHYUN, after his position as singer in the group NU’EST, his role as an actor in a drama and his role in a musical. Interest for MINHYUN is rising to see what he will do in the future.

You can find MINHYUN, in the main role of the drama “LIVE ON”. The final episode will air on January 12.

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Journalist : Arie
Translator : Arie
Source : Pledis Entertainment

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