DAY6 / EVEN OF DAY : A new song where DOWOON sings !

While the members of EVEN OF DAY were asking, a while ago, their fans to participate to their next song, the song has just been released on digital platforms.


After promising debuts for the first sub-unit of the band DAY6, of JYP ENTERTAINMENT, with their song “Where the sea sleeps“, title-song of their first album entitled “THE BOOK OF US : GLUON“, the 3 members of the band, YOUNG K, WONPIL & DOWOON made several videos on a new Youtube Channel and had explained that they were giving the opportunity to their fans to participate to their next song due to the lack of self experience in meeting new people.

This is how they released, today, their brand new song on digital platforms. The song is called “사랑, 이게 맞나 봐“, that you can translate in English by “Love, I guess this is it“. A romantic ballad that remains of an OST, the song, soft and cute, talks about love.

This is with bright smiles that the 3 members sang it for the first time on a Youtube live. Surprisingly, the second part of the song starts with the drummer, DOWOON singing alone for the first time, as he is having his own part in the song. A big surprise for the fans, even when the Idol had announced in passed interviews that he was having singing lessons.

EVEN OF DAY is the first sub-unit of the band DAY6. It has been created on August 31st 2020. The band DAY6 is currently on hiatus. Even if a comeback has been announced, no official date has been revealed yet.3

Journalist : Natacha
Translator : Natacha
Source : DAY6



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