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An artist growing up in RAP/TRAP sounds is how the artist of the day knows how to inspire the interest of the public, SPILL THE BEAT delayed the publication of his article especially on the occasion of the release of “TOXXIC” the new album of PAXXWORD, in collaboration with SQUABBYDOO.

(KSTATION TV recommends that you listen to the artist’s songs for a music reading experience !)

~ Passion and productivity:

In 2019, KIM Kyung Hyun unveiled on Soundcloud 3 years ago, and it is in June 2019 that he released “NUFFY IN THE 30TH CENTURY” that he released his first album, composed of 4 songs under his artist name PAXXWORD.

Curious and hard-working. The personality of PAXXWORD is felt in its productions and on its social networks. It is a passion for hiphop music from a very young age that guides him today, and makes him a versatile artist. His music is a combination of hiphop and pop in a trap mood that makes listening to his songs attractive. Sounds that are not found everywhere and that makes it rather unique, this is the recipe of PAXXWORD. His artist name, came straight out of the English “password” describes his music well.

“When you access something, the password is essential and important.

I chose PASSWORD because I wanted to be that kind of person” – PAXXWORD

And it’s pretty good. Especially when we listen to his music, we know that we won’t find many trap artists as effective as him.

With a total of 2 EP, 3 albums and 2 singles (including a double single) we are far from lacking content. PAXXWORD brings for each title something new. His songs have a very uniform side, which makes listening to his productions pleasant, but the personality brought being always different does not make them boring, far from it.

“They usually show off their talents, swing to show off their ease, and sometimes talk about a conscious inner world.” – PAXXWORD

The artist draws his inspiration from artists likeRICH THE KID, THE QUIETT, BILLSTAX, JAY KIDMAN… and many others, with whom he would like to collaborate.

“Rather than change, we’re expanding our spectrum by adding pop elements to trap music steadily.” – PAXXWORD

We can note that he is followed by famous artists such as KHUNDI PANDA, and that he works and has good relations with other artists such as TOKAI or LUCI GANG.

All his outings are very regular and always with a quality that wants only better. In 2020 he released his 2 EP “********” (February 2020) and “PXXTAPE” (June 2020), the singles/ double singles “TWISTEDUP!” and “NASCAR+/BROKE“.

And on this beautiful day of January 16, 2021, PAXXWORD develops its collection with its new album “TOXXIC” in collaboration with producer SQUABBYDOO.

~ A duo with SQUABBYDOO on “TOXXIC” :

Experience and time lead to beautiful encounters and has a rather satisfying result for the artist. It is this “social” side of the music that pleases the artist. His most precious title for him is “TWISTEDUP!” for it is a piece produced by SEOUL子 and JINHWIE.

“(Seoul et JINHWE) guided me a lot, and we always did a good job together in a great atmosphere.” – PAXXWORD

We can say that beyond fans, PAXXWORD also attracts producers. And SQUABBYDOO is no exception.

“When SQUABBYDOO finished his military service, he came across my music and then thought he wanted us to work together.” – PAXXWORD

Once the duty is complete, the two artists correspond via Instagram, meet and start working together. The alchemy between the two boys is created, resulting in an album: “TOXXIC“.

So it is a duo with PAXXWORD on the microphone and SQUABBYDOO on the prod that gave birth to the 5 tracks that compose “TOXXIC“, which is released today at 12:00 (Korean time).


The two artists LUCI GANG and BLASE joined the project during a collaboration. With the support of LUCKYBANDO at mastering and an artwork by TEDYNOTBEAR, it is a great team work that is presented to us on the music streaming platforms today.

~ Plans that always want to be bigger :

“Trap music that is faithful to the basics.” – PAXXWORD

This is how the artist describes his music, which he continues to develop day by day.


“”I’m a great ‘music’ creator, not to mention my skills.” So I wanted to stimulate people who only work hard with words.” – PAXXWORD

The dream of PAXXWORD is precise, and has its way of working, one feels professional and confident:

“I would like to enter the Billboard chart, buy a building, make a studio, and provide space for musicians at a reasonable price.” – PAXXWORD

We feel that the artist wants to succeed in his musical career and that he has a lot of empathy towards other artists in the field. Helping each other and working hard as a group can go a long way. Whether under a label, a company or as an independent artist, efforts pay off, and this has proven itself several times for the artists of SPILL THE BEAT.

“Slowly chip away at your playlist. Thanks for listening to me.” – PAXXWORD

Once the health crisis is over, PAXXWORD hopes to be able to do more live performances. Meanwhile he is working on the idea of making a video clip for “TOXXIC“, nothing officially planned, but the idea is starting to anchor itself in his mind.

To not miss anything of the artist and his upcoming releases, follow PAXXWORD on social medias!

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Journalist: Waterice
Translator: Waterice
Source: Paxxword

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