DREAMCATCHER: They’re approaching Utopia

Group DREAMCATCHER has raised expectations for a comeback with a special suit.


Dreamcatcher Company posted group photos for the sixth mini album “DYSTOPIA: Road to Utopia” on its official SNS on the afternoon of January 15th and began to warm up its comeback.

The DREAMCATCHER’s members who showed their different charms through the three individual photo teaser concepts, also showed their charm with a special combination through the newly unveiled group concept photos “Cyberfunk”, “Utopia” and “The end.


As the concept photo is released, questions about DREAMCATCHER’s new story and various speculation continue. In response, DREAMCATCHER plans to release information about the album one by one and give fans a special gift.

DREAMCATCHER is due to meet the “InSomnia” from January 18th with tracklist, lyric spoilers, song clips with a medley and dance video. On January 20th and 25th, teasers of the music video for the new title track from DREAMCATCHER’s mini album will thrill “InSomnia” around the world.


DREAMCATCHER, which has stimulated curiosity with varied content for each album, attention is also drawn to this comeback promotion. The group will release their new mini album “DYSTOPIA: Road to Utopia” on January 26th and begin their comeback activities.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Dreamcatcher Company

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