JINSEOK : Happy birthday to B.I.G’s maknae

JINSEOK is turning 23 years old today and we wish him a happy birthday, celebrating the event by writing an article to help you learn more about him.


JINSEOK was born on February 9th, 1998. Even if we don’t know that much about his childhood, he said during an interview that his family was the most important thing for him.


2019: his debut

B.I.G was holding a fan meeting on January 19th, 2019, and JINSEOK was introduced as the sixth member of the group during the event. He charmed immediately the Biginnings (the name of B.I.G‘s fandom) with his cute attitude and his amazing vocal.

He made his first official interview on KBS Arabic World and covered « La Bezzaf » by THE5 with the rest of the group. B.I.G published a video with the cover a few weeks later on their official Youtube channel, and the song reached one million views in less than a week. It was the first cover of their Global Cover Project that made JINSEOK and the group really famous in the Arabic countries.

Thanks to their popularity in the Arabic countries, they got invited to the Blue House where they met the South Korean President, Moon Jae In, and performed in front of the South Arabian Prince and his delegation.


JINSEOK finally made his official debut with the comeback « Illusion » on November 4th, 2019.

In the Arabic version, JINSEOK was not only praised for his amazing voice but also for his ability to pronounce Arabic.

On November 7th, the group took off to Abu Dhabi, invited to the Korea Festival 2019.

B.I.G : Their first solo concert in Abu Dhabi.

2020: JINSEOK is on TikTok

It was a quiet year for the group and its members were more focused on their solo activities. JINSEOK opened a TikTok account and publishes videos often to keep in touch with the fans.

He also shared videos on his Instagram in which the fans were able to see him practicing singing by covering songs from famous musicals. Hopefully, he will be able to perform in a musical soon.

We hope that he will have a great career with many opportunities to show his talent to the public.

You can support JINSEOK and wish him a happy birthday on SNS:
Instagram: big_jinseok
Tiktok: jinseok_98
Youtube: B.I.G Official

Journalist: Florence
Translator: Florence
Sources: JINSEOK SNS, GH Entertainement

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