SEVENTEEN: DINO, the future of K-pop

We are February 11th in South Korea, so it is the birthday of DINO, member of the group SEVENTEEN. It’s a large group so I suggest you discover a little more each member through this written portrait.

The member in the spotlight today is DINO, the newest member of the group (maknae) nicknamed “future of kpop”.

DINO was born on February 11, 1999 and is therefore the youngest of the group, which is not always easy. DINO tries to prove his worth to his elders which makes him very ambitious and can make him seem a little pretentious at times. However, he is a lovely boy who just wants us to be proud of him. Like his older brother SEUNGKWAN, he loves Kpop and dramas. They often watch it together.

Since his childhood, he has always been fascinated by Michael Jackson and during the pre-debut, he created a choreography for the song “Dangerous“. This was performed by the group during the group’s launch show, the “Seventeen Project“.

He loves to create new choreographies and often participates in the process of creating SEVENTEEN dances with HOSHI and their choreographer. During the “Seventeen Project” he was part of Team B and had heavily insisted on bringing his idea for their performance (on the song “OMG“), unfortunately his idea did not please the public very much. DINO was not discouraged, however, in 2017 he created the entire choreography for their song “Flower”. She surprised fans and professional dancers who all recognized and praised her undeniable talent.

DINO grew up in a fairly modest family, his daddy was a dancer. He has therefore been immersed in the world of dance since his earliest childhood. Very young he appeared in a few dance shows and he never stopped fighting to make his dream come true.

In 2012, he auditioned for Pledis Entertainment where he was selected for the SEVENTEEN project. He is one of the youngest members and must therefore divide his time between school and training. He participated like the other trainees in the reality TV show “Seventeen TV” from 2012 to 2014. He finally debuted with the group on May 26th, 2015 as a maknae and member of the performance unit.

Very quickly after the debut of the group, DINO wants to show fans how promising he is by releasing his 1st mixtape “ZERO” on his graduation day in 2016. The song that evokes his career, shows the extent of his talents in dance but also his ability to rap. Subsequently in “Boom boom“, DINO will be entitled to his own rap.

As time goes by, DINO will try more and more things and will share them with the general public. He therefore released his 2nd mixtape “THE REAL THING” on December 31st, 2017, once again a success with the fans. During the concert, “Diamond Edge” on stage he performs his song with so much charisma that the audience is amazed.

Since December 11th, 2018, DINO has been sharing its choreographic creations in a format called “Dino DANCEOLOGY”. He creates the choreographies for American and Korean songs himself and posts videos on the YouTube channel where he performs them..

His talent being more and more recognized, DINO has won within the fandom and even beyond, the nickname “Future of Kpop” and he continues to prove to us how much he deserves it.

We wish him a happy birthday, hoping that this year will bring him success and happiness, both in his professional and personal life and that the group will have another year full of projects.

Journalist: Emmaa1904
Translator: Shawn

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