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KIM Eun-Jung, a young artist with voice and aesthetics who knows how to make a difference. Today on SPILL THE BEAT, it is under the name of ONE ONE NOTE that the young artist presents himself!

(KSTATION TV advice you to play artist’s songs for a better reading experience !)

~ From a young highschool student to an artist:

It was on returning to high school that the young boy began to have a real interest in music. Now at the age of 20 (born in 2001) he has already accomplished quite a bit. A few performances and even a band, ONE ONE NOTE keeps in mind the fun side of music and develop in its art with pleasure and sweetness. This sweetness is what makes her charm. Based on yukulele and pure voice, here are the two ingredients that make Kim Eun-Jung the ONE ONE NOTE followed by over 400 people on Soundcloud.

“Since I started the music, beyond the style, I feel like I’ve changed their meanings and expressions. Making popular titles, which are fashionable […] but in itself musical genre is interesting thing to work on.” – ONE ONE NOTE

The artist expresses his interest in music:

“At first I liked drawing. The images I had in my head, represented my thoughts. I thought making music was like drawing a picture. A little hard to admit but I thought it was also easier” – ONE ONE NOTE


“I think photography, drawing, music and writing is my therapy.” – ONE ONE NOTE

In music, the artist does not base himself on a particular style. But if you go looking for styles and rhythms that match your voice. The different feelings, at once of sadness, joy or even weird interest him. And like many, these feelings in music depend on those he lives as a human.

His experiences and love are the main themes in his titles. Like his stage name, he writes what life teaches him. In the long run, its first titles will be like time capsules.

“It is a note that is written every day. One day I am a singer for some, a writer for others, or even a storyteller”. – ONE ONE NOTE

This life of making his art something personal, ONE ONE NOTE prefers not to have inspiration or model because: “I just want to be me“. But the artist justifies himself and tells us that there are many artists that he greatly respects.

Especially SOGUMM. Whether on stage or outside it is simple to feel the fact that SOGUMM pays great attention to its messages.

“That kind of artist looks so cool.” – ONE ONE NOTE

~ A writing work and an identity without artifice:

“I’m not a singer, I’m just myself” – ONE ONE NOTE


The artist has already created in a few years, 3 EP in 2019 and 2020, a mixtape and a single on the same year. And on January 7, 2021, the young ONE ONE NOTE released “라이벌“.

His English-language album would be like “RIVAL”, and by grammar and Korean language this title sounds a bit like “living a life”. ONE ONE NOTE says he is both a rival but also a living one.

“I wanted to deliver the message that I am young all but yet already in competition with myself and life in general” – ONE ONE NOTE

The artist has tried a lot of different styles in this album and this is precisely what makes it so interesting to listen.

ONE ONE NOTE delivers his thoughts as well as being creative. He explains that it’s too bad to always want to be creative, but another rating is a constraint that he doesn’t want to change. This constraint helps him to live and express his feelings of the moment.

If the artist had to choose one of his titles as his favorite, he would rather go to “I LOVE ‘JUST’” for such a simple reason:

“I like the word ‘Just’. And it’s a title that delivers a message.” – ONE ONE NOTE


~ “Go as far as I can” :

This is the goal of ONE ONE NOTE which is just curious to see how far its art will carry him.

His album came out in January is just the beginning of bigger projects. Many projects will follow from this album (Why not a music video? ~) and the artist hopes to see in him an evolution of his ideas and his mentality.

Kids Having Fun” is the meaning of BUCKID, the group he belongs to. A group of 5 members who combine their talents for music and perform together. ONE ONE NOTE explains that if the group did not produce much lately it is not a matter of disband or whatever, but simply due to the fact that not all members necessarily live in the same places and prefer to focus on their solo activities for the moment. But the band will come back for sure!

“(among the group) we all have our own style and our own way of expressing ourselves artistically, one has met through music and we encourage each other.” – ONE ONE NOTE

Even though the presence of COVID-19 does not allow artists to make plans for the near future, music and the internet do go hand in hand. ONE ONE NOTE continues to produce his music and intends to spread his art. In any case, SPILL THE BEAT fell under the spell of his voice. And you? Follow ONE ONE NOTE on socials now!

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Journalist: Waterice
Translator: Waterice
Source: One one note

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