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This February 23, we are celebrating Moon Hyungseo’s birthday, who is known as KEVIN from THE BOYZ.


KEVIN is an artist, musician, singer and dancer member of THE BOYZ. He loves mint chocolate ice cream, he knows how to play piano and saxophone, he is a huge fan of Beyonce and enjoys watching musicals. He is also a curious young man who asks himself a lot of questions and he is also fluent in English and knows basics of French. Indeed, just as JACOB, he lived the major part of his life in Canada before going back to Korea in order to be a trainee. These two singers also started working together as MCs for music show Simply K-pop in which they show a great chemistry on screen just as when they are with their co-members.


Just before debuting, KEVIN participated in a reality show entitled “Flower Snack” in order to gain popularity and reveal each of the members. THE BOYZ debuted on December 6, 2017, with title-song “Boy”. After that, the group made many comebacks without rest and showed a bright, cute and cool side with synchronized choreographies. It was during title-song “No air”‘s promotion that the members had more confidence during their filming and on stage. This song’s popularity helped THE BOYZ gaining more fans who then worked hard in order to give them their first win in a music show with title-song “Bloom Bloom”. This announcement made KEVIN cry as he was standing next to the group’s congratulatory cake. Speaking of cakes, the young man is known to drop cakes so, now, his co-members always try to protect each cake they buy to celebrate birthdays for example.

We can say that 2020 was really THE BOYZ‘s year. Indeed, the members all worked hard to become even better and show to many people their unique teamwork and perfect performances. First, thanks to a first full album and title-song “Reveal”, the group tried a new concept which was mystical and intense. Because THE BOYZ tried to show new sides of themselves, the group’s agency started a new project entitled “GENERATION Z”. In May 2020, several short individual videos were released to introduce each of the members. They were all able to talk freely about themselves and answer questions in order to be better known as humans and as normal young men. In the video under, you can discover different sides of KEVIN who answers questions with sincerity.

At the same time, the young singer released a song cover of one of Billie Eilish’ songs. For that solo project, he was also able to film a special MV in which his great voice, cool side and street style were highlighted.

Between March and June 2020, he participated with his co-members to the reality show “Road to Kingdom” in which seven boy groups had to prepare performances in order to show the best stages and become the winner. THE BOYZ showed the best performances during most of the episodes thanks to a perfect teamwork and was also compared to a professional dance team. On June 12, 2020, THE BOYZ released title-song “Checkmate” for the show’s last episode and its success helped the group showing an impressive stage once again and be the winner. During this precise stage, KEVIN‘s clothes and hair style really suited him and he attracted people’s attention looking like a classical music composer.

During “Road to Kingdom”, KEVIN had a really huge role to play before each of the group’s performances. We were able to see in the behind the scenes videos that he created most of the group’s concepts. For example, he had the idea to create a musical-like intro for “Danger”. He also created the blooming branch for “Quasi Una Fantasia” and the pins that each of the members had on their clothes for “REVEAL : Catching Fire” that became afterwards a part of the group’s merchandise.


In addition, KEVIN revealed his drawing skills by sharing his projects and drawings on THE BOYZ official accounts. He has a recognizable style which is unique and leads him to share messages or just draw what he wants to. It can be cute, sad or even cool.

In September 2020, THE BOYZ made a comeback in the same spirit as “Road to Kingdom“‘s performances with “The Stealer”. This comeback promotion was a real success and the song was so popular that the group won many trophies at music shows and awards at the end of the year’s ceremonies. The groups prepared several performances which were impressive, but the most incredible one was for the 2020 MAMA. Indeed, the eleven members did a performance on the theme of the kings dressed as Greek gods and showed an perfect choreography with elements that reminded of “Road to Kingdom”. It was like an even better version of the show with the use of fire and many more acrobatics. The aim of this unbelievable performance was to introduce themselves as one of the teams for the upcoming show “Kingdom”.

Let’s all wish a happy birthday to KEVIN who is the group’s artists that improves and always tries to do his best for the group’ success.

Journalist: Solène
Translator: Solène

This post is also available in: Français (French)

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