Friday, September 29, 2023

BANDAGE : A photoshoot in Hanbok for the new year

To celebrate the lunar new year, the members of BANDAGE shared a photoshoot in Hanbok (traditional korean clothes).


These images were posted by PLAYM Entertainment, the agency of the band. We can see the rookies posing together, but also on their own, for the joy of the BANDAGE fans, who until this day still don’t have a fan name. So we can see CHANSOL, HYEONGBIN, HYUNBIN and KYOUNGYOON taking pictures wearing a hanbok, the traditional korean outfit from year 37 before Jesus Christ. It is customary for korean people to wear the Myeongjeol Hanbok to celebrate the lunar new year, and to bow down in front of their parents to show their respect.

Lee chansol / SNS BANDAGE
Kang Kyoungyoon / SNS BANDAGE
Shin Hyunbin / SNS BANDAGE
Im Hyeongbin / SNS BANDAGE

Thus, the members didn’t only take pictures, they also recorded a video, that got posted on the band’s SNS to wish a happy new year to their fans, and to wosh them the best. A video showing to behind the scenes of this day also got shared on the band’s YouTube channel, where you can also hear their wishes for the fans.

Just like the BANDAGE members, we wish you a very happy new lunar year, and we wish a lot of success to this band for this new year. Don’t hesitate to follow de group on their SNS @band_bandage, to get to know them a bit more, and to know what they are up to !

Journalist: Solenne
Translator: Solenne
Source: SNS de BANDAGE

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